My Own Test Kitchen

I love how our kitchen and dining nook are reflected in this photo. It makes our cozy space seem so much more industrial, like a real test kitchen, at least to me. For the past few weeks, we’ve enjoyed lazy Saturday mornings that we can make yummy breakfasts or test new recipes. I may just keep our schedule clear on Saturday morning so we can continue to sleep in, be lazy, and cook yummy food while wearing our pjs. It isn’t a bad life.

I fell in love with the Wolf Convection Steam Oven years ago, far before we landed in our house. Since moving in, we’ve loved using this magic oven on everything from veggies to fish, from chicken to desserts. It’s amazing.

Recently, I’ve been practicing special gluten-free and vegan baked recipes. So far I’ve tested out a chocolate raspberry muffin (you can see above) and a coconut loaf cake (eaten so quickly it didn’t even manage a photo). Being gluten-free and vegan is a challenge with anything baked, but one that I’m up for. And, truth be told, I’m getting pretty close on some of these to having a stellar go-to product. I’ll definitely share more as I get some final tweaks set.

In the meantime, if you are planning an update for your kitchen, I cannot recommend this gem of an appliance highly enough. It’s a gem.


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