Date Night Upgrade

It’s a very small world it seems. As you may remember, I was lucky enough to see Hamilton with a girlfriend this past summer. Bill wasn’t so much. Resale on ticket prices were steep and he wasn’t keen on spending the money for a show with so much hype.

But then, it turns out that one of the people I see regularly to keep me standing up and functioning is Mom to “Alexander Hamilton” himself in the tour. And, because she’s Mom to the lead, they have access to some amazing seats for most of the performances. SO… we were able to take advantage of this and score beautiful seats for face value. I picked Denver – it was close in location and the timing worked well with our schedule.

I assumed it would be a quick overnight – in and out, and it was for the most part – except for the delays… outbound and return. Between the drive to and from both airports, the flight times and the time spent just sitting in the airport and waiting to take off, we spent more hours in “travel” than we did at the performance or in the hotel combined. The Moscow Mule (with GF vodka and the proper copper mug) definitely helped erase the stress getting to Denver on time.

But it was worth it – Austin (our friend’s son, who plays Alexander Hamilton) was amazing and I’m so glad we were able to see the performance. Being so much closer really made things more clear and memorable. The entire cast was so talented and dynamic. It’s so impressive what they can do. Friends and family, if you haven’t yet seen this, please grab seats whenever wherever you can. I think it is coming to Minneapolis at some point (either Tour 1 or Tour 2) and I know it is in Chicago as well as places in MA and CT later in the summer/fall. It is so worth it.

As a bonus, we were joined by my sweet friend Lara who moved to Fort Collins this past Spring. I’m still in denial of her move by the way. I think about texting her to meet me for coffee when I’m wrapping up acupuncture or taking Holden to golf lessons since both are nearby her hood. I also sent a text to the crew asking when our annual holiday dinner was – as if she just lived a few miles away. Poor girl. She probably thinks I’m losing it.

We stayed at the Four Seasons which was perfect, as always. They seemed to know about my green juice addiction and sent a sampler of all their fresh pressed veggie juices in the morning along with a vegan GF breakfast. Nice touch friends. Plus the staff was wonderful. I miss our partnerships with the Four Seasons from my Museum days. It was always such a nice relaxing experience to stay with them. Nice to be back again.

Anyway. I have to say, I was exhausted when we returned and so happy to see my babies. I did a deep tissue and lymphatic massage Saturday morning and have been in sweats and in and out of bed since for 2 days. They seriously drain the energy out along with the toxins. I know it is for the best but wow, between the flights, the sitting, and the draining, I’m one tired Mommy.

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