Paddy’s Day Pinewood Derby

The big day was finally here. Bill and Holden had worked on Holden’s pinewood derby car for SO long – doing it step by step most weekends. They were both so proud. The Pinewood Derby happened to be on St. Patrick’s Day and so the event was especially festive.

We don’t know the overall place Holden’s car ended up receiving but we know he placed 3rd in one race, 2nd in two races, and 1st in two races. He did amazingly well (thanks in great part to Bill’s focus and determination to recover from his first pinewood derby fail many years ago) and came in 9th place. Not bad for a first attempt.

We (B and I) were super proud of little Sis too – she hung in there till 8:30 p.m. watching the races, cheering on her brother, and devouring 3 plates of mac-n-cheese. She was a trooper. It didn’t go unnoticed in her eyes – this morning she informed us that next time, she’d like to have a job racing the cars – it is rather “boring” sitting there all night.

Way to go Holden (and Bill). Y’all did a great job and what an awesome experience. And thanks to Mom friends Amy and Laura for the amazing St. Patrick’s Day inspired meal (and adult bevies) to make the event easy on the rest of us.

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