Two Snugglers, One Digger

Tonight while these two snuggly babes were sleeping, B and I were outside shutting down a mini Old Faithful geyser. Today our resident JYD (junk yard dog) chewed up a door mat and dug a hole along side the patio stairs, puncturing the irrigation tubes in the process. When the water came on tonight, we had quite a surprise, and not in a good way.

It’s good she’s cute. I sometimes find myself longing for the simplicity of two kids only and wonder why I lost my marbles and got this pup. Looks like I will be doing more runs with Ms JYD and maybe finding a doggie playgroup to wear her bones out. The rainy weather is making us all crazy apparently, Emmy especially.

In other news, Holden spotted bobcats in the green space behind our house (verified by neighbors). They also saw a deer escape a pack of coyotes tonight. There’s certainly a lot of wildlife around here. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to blame Emmy for the destruction. If only she didn’t have an extensive repeat offender record for both chewing and digging. Guilty.

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