Beautiful Oops

A few weeks back we had so much fun with Bay Area Children’s Theatre and the Beautiful Oops event featuring fun kid centric activities, yummy snacks, a gorgeous creative presentation, a book signing with the artist and author Barney Saltzberg, and an informative behind the scenes session afterwards with the creative force that brought this gem to life!

All five of these gorgeous kiddos were so smitten by the production – it’s so unique and one not to be missed. The overall message of art not having to be perfect to be beautiful is one that we all need to embrace. Seeing how accidents – even the set “falling” down, creates a beautiful special product was inspiring and amazing.

Local friends, this weekend is your last chance to take your crew to see this one. Grab some tickets and see if your littles come home to rip up paper and cut up yards of ribbons all over your garage like ours did. If you aren’t a fan of the mess, I get it, but know your little ones felt inspired and embraced the creative product like a boss!

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