My Story

Born in Minnesota before moving home to San Francisco. Studied art and art history. Built a career planning corporate and social events – making each milestone moment memorable and picture-perfect.

Married into the tech world via my darling and supportive husband. Became a Mama to two very wonderful & beautiful little loves – both growing up far too fast for my comfort. I now fill the role of their “biggest fan” whilst doubling as “Producer” to their show.

Tackled the construction and design industry while building a custom home from the ground up and lived to tell the tale. Focusing on volunteer creative projects and fundraising for some of our family’s favorite nonprofits.

A Hashimoto’s warrior determined to kick this bugger into remission, I’m dairy free, gluten free, corn free, egg free, and soy free and yet can still find things to eat remarkably. Addicted to working out and being strong.

An art enthusiast, and sometimes a creator. Bitten by the travel bug and armed with a long list of upcoming wish list adventures. Hoarding a ridiculous amount of pins on Pinterest. Attempting to grow a green thumb. About to add a dog into the mix. Always looking for more time.

Welcome to our daily adventures doing what we love.

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