A Girl & Her Boat

Her imagination is so adorable. Her we have a box I just unpacked in the garage as we were cleaning it out. I put the contents in the house and came back to find this cute bug “sailing in her boat” and as happy as could be. Proof that you don’t have to buy them anything and they’ll still be so happy.

Tuesdays on the Top

On Tuesday mornings some of my Mom friends and I meet to hike the Lafayette Resevoir Upper Rim. It’s 5.5 miles, with the equivalent of nearly 90 flights of stairs, and over 14K steps. Some of the inclines are pretty amazing – both up & down. It was definitely a warm day, filled with a bit of huffing and puffing. Not a bad feeling to get this accomplished by 10am. I’m a fan.

TK off to a great start

Our little nugget is loving TK. She has a really sweet class and is flourishing in her new school. Her favorite part seems to be her friends and her time at Bandit (the before and after school portion) where she gets to play. She loves learning but she also says they do a lot of learning, all day long. I guess when you come from a play based preschool, having 3 hours in an academic setting does feel a little like learning all the time.

Every Friday her folder of work comes home. I love seeing her name coming together so well – the E is my favorite personally. For the longest time she signed her name with a giant “F” and now I see we are doing the whole thing. Not bad for a 4-year old. Her coloring, pattern-making, and writing has already improved so much in such a short time. Thankfully her sense of humor is always so strong. I just love this bug.

Event Planners 2.0

Seems we’re always volunteering at school – handling one project or the other. When you’re on campus all the time, your kiddos learn the ropes quickly. Meet Reese – my Bandit Bash co-chair Laura’s youngest, and Fin – these two littles have definitely picked up their Mama’s genes, traits, and personality. We put them to work promoting wine drop-off for the cellar collection at Bandit Bash, and they definitely knew what to do. Laura and I are very aware that we’ll be entertained, and have our hands full with these sweet & sassy little monkeys.

The shoe is on the other foot…

We’ve been swim parents for ever it seems. But we weren’t parents who swam, at least until this week.

Bill was terrorized by swimming lessons as a kiddo and because of that really struggled in the past. He took lessons over the summer and really improved his confidence and endurance.

I hate being wet or cold so pretty much actively avoid anything involving swimming. It’s probably been since I was in junior high or high school since I swam regularly.

But, it all changed this week. We’re both doing the adult swim workout program at our swim club, with Holden’s Head Coach no less. I was a little anxious about it. Actually a lot.

Turns out I survived my first day but yikes, it was so much work. We swam for 75 minutes and maybe it was because I’m slow, but there weren’t more than seconds in between the laps.

I don’t think I’ve worked out that hard in awhile. I came home, ate, showered, and fell asleep for over an hour.

Holden laughed at me.

Even so, I’ve got massive respect for my little fish – so talented and strong.

Breakfast with Casey

As you may remember, the kids were so bummed when Savannah moved to London. Finley especially. Thankfully our neighbor Casey has been helping us out a bit and the kids have quickly warmed to her. I snapped this photo of all of the reading books – mainly because I loved Fin’s pose, and their level of attention and focus while reading.

Snuggles and snap shots

One of Fin’s favorite things to do is take silly photos and send text emoji messages. I think she asks to do this every day. Not only are her photos adorable but I absolutely love how she snuggles up to me while she’s picking her filters and making her poses! My sunshine girl.

Swim Sunday

Made it home from girls trip in time to take a nap, jump in the shower, snuggle up with the kiddos, and head to a cocktail party at our neighbors. Thankfully, it was an early night and I got a solid 10 hours of sleep.

But with all that sleep came a scramble to get to the pool this morning in time for the kids swim lesson. Fin is doing great with her swimming but still just a bit shy of being water safe so we’re continuing our swim lessons this fall. Today was gorgeous, hot actually.

I love this pool for the scenic views and the relaxing feel – especially mornings like this when we have it all to ourselves.

And, because this weather isn’t likely to stay long, even though I wish it would, I also ordered wetsuits for the kids and myself to get through fall swim. Yes, I’ll be doing the adult swim, along with Bill, this fall. Wish me luck as I do this – you know – because I don’t like being wet, or cold. But, it will be a good way to shake up my workout routines, so… here we go.