Spa Birthday

Recently we were guests for what may be the cutest little birthday party ever – a spa day for the 5 & 6-year-old crew complete with robes, slippers, headbands, pretty pink Shirley Temples, mani-pedis, face masks, and a free for all present opening extravaganza!

What a fun time was had by all, even the Mamas (who were a little jealous that we weren’t included in the actual spa treatments). But, from the looks of it, all our littles were total pro’s at spa-ing and we’ll soon have partners in crime to do spa days with!

My LoveBug

I’ve been out almost every night for volunteer meetings, holiday events, performances, etc. It’s exhausting and it means that I’m not home nearly as much as I want. I usually have a 1 night/week policy on evening events, 2 max if it is a special consideration and 5+ a week is unheard of, until recently. This cute lovebug, my favorite boy, left me the cutest note on my bedside table before he went to bed. It is one that I’ll be keeping forever.

It says:

“Dear Mom (and Dad). I appreciate all your work so much. Thank you so much. Hope you had a good time. Love, Holden”

Talk about melting my heart… This kid. He’s pure gold people. I couldn’t love him more.

2018 Advent, Day 4, 5, & 6

We’ve been so busy with all the fun of the holidays. Sorry. I’m super behind in capturing it all!

Day 4 we donated food to the food bank through our school program. The kids reviewed the list of the most needed and requested items and then picked a few favorites they thought the other kids would like. They did the shopping and donating & were so excited.

Day 5 was a Santa craft day. I had visions of making these cute little popsicle stick ones but I couldn’t find the sticks in all our supplies so instead, they made their own holiday puzzles, drawing a Christmas photo on blank white puzzle kits and then putting them together. We also had hot chocolate, because of course, you need hot chocolate!

Day 6 we celebrated St. Nicolas. We read a book about how St. Nicholas came to be and the importance of giving – if you’re an adult or kid. Then, we checked their shoes and found them stuffed with mini oranges and candy.

Because I didn’t have the supplies for Day 5 buttoned up, the kids now think that maybe the Advent calendar is a bit of a magical thing too, and not just Mom making things happen for them. It is kind of nice because they get really excited for their daily activity and for the most part (except the craft), they are easy for me to execute in advance. I still have a few that need to be finalized so if you think of a great idea (that won’t kill me in execution – send them my way!

In between the rain

Taking a quick break on our backyard trail – soaking in the sun and the little break between rain storms. We’ve had some big ones recently – almost as if Mother Nature is making up for a few dry years all at once. I personally love this tree that the kids are about to run past. I also love that they can be out and exploring in such a pretty place and still be steps from home. And, the “greens” are about to pop out. After a long brown summer and fall, it will be so nice to see some rich green colors.

2018 Advent, Day 3

We had so much fun painting ceramic ornaments with friends today! Can you tell?

We also enjoyed lots of snacks, hot cocoa and bubbly (for the Adults of course!

I can’t wait to show you Finley’s ornament of choice… I didn’t even see it but of course her razor sharp eyes found it tucked away and she was so proud of herself. It’s going to be great!

Love all these fun moments with the littles. Such a sweet day with some of our favorite people!

Holiday Shopping in Style with the Squad

Supported some local mom-entrepreneurs today in a pop-up shop featuring gorgeous handbags, delicious wines, artisan jewelry, custom clothing, delicious sweets & seasonings, unique accessories, and organic cosmetics. Plus, it was a morning spent with some amazing friends. What more could you ask for? And, I actually did some shopping while dressed up, not in sweats – a first! Plus, I managed to align style-wise with my sweet neighbor Jamie as we both showed up in black pants, and blush tops with ruffle accents. It was uncanny. And I felt good as this Mama is always super stylish! I guess there’s hope for me after all.

2018 Advent, Day 2

Today’s activity was for the kiddos to write a letter to Santa and they were all too happy to take this on. We bought the Letters to Santa book, that has special paper that you can write on and decorate and then shrink in the oven so that their shelf elf (Paka) can fly it home to Santa tonight and then bring back to hang on the tree. They loved it and worked quite hard to finish all the decorating details.

Weekends Rock

So this past weekend I finished most of my holiday shopping, all in the comfort of my sweats and these cute socks, with a fire burning, a beautiful tree, kids snuggled in watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, and a coffee or two. This is how we weekend.

2018 Advent, Day 1

Hard to believe we’re already opening envelopes in our Advent tree! This year, as in years past, we’re going with the gifts of experiences.

Today, December 1, our first day of Advent activity was to enjoy a Bay Area Children’s Theatre production of the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Christmas Show. As a bonus, BACT threw a post-performance party with a face painter, tattoos, craft table, snacks, and a gift bag – it was perfect for kiddos!

Because this was a behind the scenes BACT performance and donor event, our Creative Director and Founder shared some of the secrets of how the magic happened on stage. She invited the kids up on stage to operate the beautiful puppets, and then, showed them how they made it snow. For our California kids, they couldn’t help but take that opportunity to make many snow angels. It was adorable!

The adults also needed a festive launch to Advent and so we met up with some of the best neighbors ever to have a late lunch & yummy sparkling rose at the beautiful St. Regis. It was such a treat to spend the afternoon with some of our favorite people while the kiddos enjoyed a Shirley Temple or two.

For me, the day was a perfect culmination of my favorite children’s theatre program, many of my dear friends (old & new), delicious food & wine, lots of happy mesmerized kiddos, and so much festive holiday spirit. I often feel so blessed to live this life and today certainly measured up.