Mom life on the run

Check out my most frequented lunchtime cafe venue. Look familiar? It’s my car, while I’m sitting in the carpool line. You can usually find me here from 1:30pm – 2:00pm. Since I only have a few hours to bang everything out before the kids are done with school, I usually grab something from my favorite (and allergy friendly) cafe or pack a lunch and then eat it while enjoying the views of a hillside, tree-lined, car-parked road on the way to carpool circle. It’s my thing. Sometimes, I wonder if I still know how to eat at a table, with a proper place setting. I should probably take an etiquette refresher course just to be safe.

The blue coffee shop that is called Sideboard

Usually, mornings are a blur of activity around here. Drop-off for two schools, hubs to BART, and sometimes Emmy to the groomers, construction guys or designers running in and out, Dr. appointments, and lots of errands crammed into a very short period. And coffee. This Momma needs a coffee or the day is just a loss.

On rare occasions, however, the planets align and I can indulge my littlest love with a special treat from her favorite “The Blue Coffee Shop.”

Side Note: This coffee shop is not to be confused with “The Yellow Coffee Shop” which is actually named “The Coffee Shop” and has a yellow logo. The “Blue” one is actually named “Sideboard.” One always has to be on their game and know the translations.

Anyway… Finley *really* wanted to go to the Blue Coffee Shop before school. It’s in Lafayette and her school is in Orinda. However, we had just enough time so we ventured off. As a bonus, they even had her favorite little table with the red chairs open & available. She was pretty excited and definitely got started on the right foot. It’s so fun having moments like this to enjoy with my kiddos – and especially fun to have some 1×1 time with this cutie.

Play doh ponies

One of Fin’s birthday gifts were these play-doh my little ponies molds. The kids had a great time playing for hours with this set. Holden and Fin went all in to decorate these ponies spectacularly. Holden was so proud as he brought them all up to show me. Plus he’s awfully cute.

Cutest wormy apple

We returned to our favorite puppet shop for the kids to model their new puppets and they did a great job. It was hilarious sort of as we were mid house shoot on the same day as this shoot. How many photo shoots can one juggle in a week? The kids also modeled for the house shoot in their rooms – and the images were gorgeous. I cannot wait to get them back. Such a treasure to capture that moment when they got their rooms in our hopefully forever home.

But back to the puppets – we now have a yellow lab puppy for Holden, and a beautiful snow owl whose head turns all the way around as a super neat party trick and of course making it a must have for Fin!

3 kids. 1 bed.

This is how we found the “kids” in the hotel after our dinner out. How Dorian got them all snuggled and asleep on the same bed, I don’t know. Nothing like having your babies (and their stuffy babies) all snuggled asleep.