Fashion inventor

This little nugget loves nothing more than a pj day and a bunch of random “imagination station” supplies – cardboard, painters tape, objects, jewels, you name it. She’s nonstop creative, all the time. She works for hours in her “studio” and can make art from anything and everything.

Rainy Day Movie Time

It has been nonstop rain for FAR too long in my opinion. Since you can’t do much outdoors, we took the littles to the Lego 2 movie. So cute. The kiddos loved it.

And that is how we spent one rainy day. Unfortunately, it feels like we’ve had 286 rainy days in a row. So ready for warm sunny days.

Happy Valentine’s Day ’19

I know I’m late… February has been a really wonderful month with lots of fun things. So much so that I’m behind in my posting.

We had a lovely Valentine’s day – we kicked off the day as we always do – holiday fun bright and early. The kids shouted out “Grandpa says chocolate for breakfast!” and loved that they got to try some yummy treats first thing in the morning, even before their breakfast!

After this fun, it was rush rush rush to school for a day filled with Valentine-themed learning stations and class parties. Such a special day. Finley did her favorite gymnastics activity and Holden went off for golf. When we all circled back home we made heart-shaped pizzas and I fell asleep early – what a busy fun day filled with sweets and love!

Share the Love, with Teachers

We had so much fun making this “Share the Love” door decor for Finley’s TK Teacher. My sweet friend Ana snapped photos of the kiddos hanging from monkey bars and cut them out. I spent a few hours cutting leaves out of all the different green sheets of paper I had on hand and we ended up with this very cute door decor. It was really fun watching the kiddos come in and squeal with excitement when they saw themselves on the door the next morning. Many of them were very proud when they realized this photo was the result of their hanging on the monkey bars earlier in the week. This has to be one of the cutest groups of littles ever!

All of the teachers on the Ranch are so amazing and so generous with their time and talents. Our kids are so lucky to have such a great crew helping them grown and learn.

Speakeasy Nights

About a month ago we co-hosted this amazing Speakeasy party as a benefit for our wonderful local school. What a gorgeous night filled with friends, laughter, stiff drinks and yummy bites. So lucky to be part of this amazing community. I really don’t think there is a more fun way to raise some school funds than a wonderful party filled with people you love.

80s Day

It was 80s day at school today. These two rocked it. So cute to see all the littles running around in 80s gear like their parents used to do so long ago. Fin especially liked her side pony and scrunchie. I’m pretty sure she’ll request that one again!

Symbols of Freedom

Every year the second graders put on a beautiful assembly for the entire school, called Symbols of Freedom. It’s mostly the stories and songs behind America’s Freedom symbols but at the end incorporates the world.

This year was Holden’s turn. It was incredible. I’ve put together a very condensed version here by linking still photos and some short videos. We’re so proud of our nugget and all the kiddos who performed in this event.

Watch here.

Girls Day Thursday


Fin and I had a little free time on Thursday after her gymnastics class and has been dying for a mani-pedi. I booked us manicure appointments. When we arrived Finley convinced the owner of the salon that her feet were in terrible shape and she desperately needed a pedicure. She followed it by adding, do you please have time to do both my hands and my feet? Her words, not mine.

She’s super interested in the entire process. I love how she’s intently focused on her toes.

She sometimes falls asleep in the chair and she almost did again today. Afterward, she let me know she was starving (mani pedis are strenuous apparently) and she could really use an egg sandwich as Starbucks next door. I loved having some 1×1 time with my fav girl plus it gave me a chance to actually drink a coffee. I had been misplacing and forgetting ones all day – not my usual mode.

How cute is her little jacket by the way? It’s too big but it is the one Holden wore for his sock hop dance show (the same one that Finley slept through) as seen here. She loved the jacket because it has a faux fur lining that keeps her cozy. I bet we’ll see it a lot more as she’s pretty proud. Plus it was Holden’s…


100 Days In

Little Miss has been in TK for 100 days. Can you believe it? I cannot. How cute does she look tho? We put powder in her hair but it wasn’t long lasting – she was pretty & platinum by the end. Next year I’ll have to get the temp stuff. She loved her accessories – all of them: tights, leg warmers, cardigan, necklaces, bracelets, empty glasses frames, and more I’m sure.

I spent the morning working in her class. It was quite cute. We wrote “100” kind word valentine hearts; counted in groups of 20 to sort 100 candy hearts; created trail mix bags with 100 pieces of yummy treats; and did a cut and paste matching numbers activity. I was spent. She had a great time. Teachers are amazing. Good teachers are a treasure.