One more shoot. check.

Just when you think you’ve gotten all your photo shoots completed, you have another one. Raced around like a chicken today getting our backyard furniture in place and uncovered, as well as putting away all the toys and picking up dog poo. Of course, the painters left all the cans of paint out in the downstairs loggia so I had the pleasure of re-organizing our storage shelves again courtesy of the construction trades pulling everything out and then walking away. Didn’t their mothers teach them to pick up their toys? I’d love to know. Anyway… now we have the exterior shoots complete as well. I really don’t think there is anything else we need to shoot thankfully. If so, it will be a “real life as a family with young kids” look shoot – not a glamorous staged masterpiece.

Volcano searching

Took our kiddos and a friend of Holden’s up to the extinct volcano last weekend, on the day before the ice age moved in. It was such a beautiful gorgeous day and pretty funny with these three off and running down the hill to get home to play more transformers and power rangers.

Spring blooms

This year we have a fenced in yard. I’m hoping it helps keep the dear away from my blooms. Last year these rude uninvited guests licked some of my apricot tree blossoms clean off. Love seeing signs of spring. Now we only need some epic fertilizer to get some height and width to our little plants. Really excited to get to the point where we have an established landscape look vs a new landscape look.

we heart photobooths


Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! No one has more spirit than this little guy’s first-grade class. The pics from our Valentine’s Day Party photo booth are amazing. I’m pretty proud. And I love this crew.

I’m also sore and exhausted. Working with 30 kids from 830-230 is no joke. Props to all my Teacher friends. I’ve always been awed by your abilities and after today, I’m really amazed at your endurance and stamina to do this every day for the entire school year. Impressive friends.


Valentines Day before and after

Hope y’all had an amazing day celebrating love. We certainly did. Here’s a glimpse of before madness and after mayhem (note the unwrapped gifts). The kids didn’t seem to mind thankfully.

After breakfast, I had no choice but to leave everything just like this. Today I’m working in Finley’s school, then hosting a photobooth in Holden’s class, then off to a meeting with a Board Member for, and then activities with the kids and dinner with friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was 7pm before we made it home again. And, honestly, I was still just as tired and so we left the kitchen & nook like this all over again.

Tomorrow is another day.

Valentine Prep. Phoning it in.

Totally caved this year and bought 100% store bought character valentines. It’s SO not me. I usually research for inspiration but not this year.

Funny thing is, the kids don’t seem to mind at all. They had a blast. Holden did everything by himself and Fin tackled quite a bit of hers too. We had fun working on them and they didn’t appear too judge-y that Mom hit the easy button. They were more excited about the stickers and tattoos- no candy allowed for either school.

Funny side story. I put Fins fine she’d Valentines back in the box so she could carry it to school. Except it got tossed in recycling – no idea who – and luckily it didn’t make it out to the curb in time or they would be goners. Horror. I’m pretty sure Bill is as really thrilled to rummage through and find these awful Valentines. He’s a good egg.

I also didn’t wrap a single gift for anyone either. The kids have a lot of loot on the table and I know they’ll be happy to dive into it wrapping or not.

I’m not completely throwing in the towel though. I promise. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in fundraising event prep, and tomorrow I’m working all morning in Fin’s class before setting up a pretty sweet photo booth for Holden’s Valentine party. I think all my creativity went into this booth this year. Fingers crossed it works and we get cute photos!

Which reminds me, since I pulled all the cool props for the event, there’s no fun decor for breakfast either. No balloons, not even the cute sweetheart convo heart plates. Sorry kiddos.

i feel ya emmy

If this doesn’t look like how my Wednesday feels, I don’t know what does…

This past week we repainted all the interior walls of our home (looks so much better), Bill was traveling, Holden spiked 102+ fever out of nowhere for just a few hours overnight, Finley had a really runny nose but nothing was coming out, prepared for an exterior house photo shoot, and I managed to set off our house alarm scaring myself to bits one night. Y’all know that whenever Bill travels, the kids forget how to sleep, and this time was no exception.

Thankfully our weekend seems reasonable to get some catch up time – just that I’m at Pixar all day Friday for a tour (it was awesome btw), dinner out with friends on Friday night (delicious), hosting family friend’s kiddo all day Saturday (great for our kids), and a Warriors game Saturday with our school (happy it was a 5:30 game, and a win – fun night).

It’s safe to say that Sunday will involve jammies, movies, and trying to catch up on the upcoming volunteer event organization and hopefully digging out of my closet (a BIG mess after last week).

Studying Fin

This girl is growing up before my eyes. Bill makes fun of the number of photos I snap daily but I feel I need to “freeze” her image as she’s growing and changing so fast. I registered her for TK (fall birthday) this week and I’m in denial that she’ll turn 5 on her next birthday. She should still be my 1-2 year old, right?

Yesterday she said she was going to be like me and stay at home when she has babies. She is having three kids though. Today, she told me she isn’t going to get married and she’s going to stay little, and live with me forever. It’s such a gift to have a girl like Fin around.

Fin + June

These two are thick as thieves. They are in the same circle group at their school and are always together. We were debating to do preschool next year or TK, but learned today that June misses the TK cutoff so I’m pretty sure Fin will change her mind to stay at preschool another year – IF they can be in the same class and IF they can have Teacher Rosa. As Fin said today, “Rosa looks best.” I asked her if she meant she dresses best or seems to be the most qualified teacher, I mean with our fashionista, you could make either assumption legitimately. Thankfully she replied, “She’s the most qualified, you know, the best Mom.”

 In either case, the girls want a drop off playdate something fierce. They settled for riding in my car, stopping at Starbucks, and meeting their brothers at Wagner Ranch. Of course, they had to play on the playground there too. These two. The sweetest little loves. Hand in hand, and making plans, taking the world by storm.