Hawaii Diaries: Molokini Easter Egg Snorkel

Last year on Thanksgiving we kayaked through beautiful lagoons in the Sea of Cortez. It was a very special way to celebrate the holiday together, and be thankful for such an experience.

This year, we woke up Easter morning (super early) to be at the boat before the sun was fully out. Bill booked a charter on the Four Winds II to snorkel at Molokini, an extinct volcano crater in the Pacific.

We’ve done a lot of cool things but I think this may be at the top of all our lists in terms of fun adventures, amazing staff, and ease of activity. The staff had everything prepared and was so warm and fun to interact with – really a perfect combination. I would not hesitate to book other programs through them or refer friends and family.

We boarded the boat to find a breakfast buffet – pastries, fresh fruit, coffee (key), and juice available. They had wetsuits to rent, underwater cameras, ginger juice for seasickness (appreciated even with my motion sickness drugs), a marine wildlife specialist, educational programs, a glass bottom under the catamaran for the kids to watch the fish through, a delicious lunch (with GF, DF options), and all the equipment you’d possibly need. In fact, they even had a plastic-like boat with a cut-out and plexiglass that Fin could lay on top of and look through to see the fish as if she had a snorkel and goggles on. She was in heaven and proclaimed it “Best. Day. Ever. because I don’t have to do anything and can still see the fish!

En route to and from Molokini, we saw many whales, as well as a dolphin that swam right up to and under our boat, and a sea turtle that “waved” at us several times as he swam by. The views from the boat were gorgeous and the kids could not have had more fun. Just look at their faces if you don’t believe me.

On the way back, the awesome staff even entertained our kiddos.Finley came out with a month’s supply of temp tattoos and lots of new good friends. In the photos above, you’ll see Holden holding his waterproof adventure camera (compliments of the Easter Bunny) and a few times that Fin broke into her new fav pose (hilarious).

And don’t worry, the Easter Bunny came – he left “piles” this year since it was a bit off his route and we all know shipping to Hawaii costs extra. Once the kids found the piles of loot, they didn’t seem to mind the lack of baskets. In fact, I think it was their favorite Easter ever.

Hawaii Diaries: Aloha Maui

I’m starting to come back to life after being in a post-vacation reality slump. It is always hard going from a warm and sunny, someone will take care of everything for you, beautiful scenery with lots of fun activity vacation and this was no exception. However, I think I may survive real life after a beautiful vacation so now I’ll go back and share our highlights. Maui is a must go to place friends. Pack your bags, book a ticket, and you’ll likely agree that it is time to sell your house and stay there. At least Finley did… she still seems upset we’re home and not living in Hawaii.

After an evening flight (never recommended) we made it to Maui. Our first 30 minutes were spent waiting for another plane to back away from the gate so we could pull in and unload. Maui is small but I’m pretty sure they had a second date. I guess we’re officially on island time. Then, a delay with the car rental (another 30-45 minutes) and we’re finally on the road to our resort (a 45-minute resort). By the time we arrived, it was well after 11pm local time, 2am our time and we had been up since 5am. We were pretty tuckered. Thankfully the Westin Nanea Ocean Villas had us in a 2-bedroom villa so there was lots of space and everything was ready to drop into bed and deal with in the morning.

Wouldn’t you know our little lovebugs were up with the sun despite the late night and blackout curtains? We went down to breakfast because no one can sleep with hungry jet-lagged kids. Having not eaten dinner, the breakfast bento box with grilled salmon, rice, seaweed, kimchi, and pickles was so appreciated.

Knowing we would have a long day of travel, we kept the first day wide open for poolside lounging and hopefully a nap. The kids had a blast and that late night, early morning thing caught up with our littlest gem, who fell asleep like a champ in our cabana. I think that saved the day. During her nap, I ran into the Spa for a quick polish change (botched pre-trip pedi needed correcting) and vowed to return for more. My treatment was lovely and so relaxing… Of course, sneaking away twice during a trip is hard with our crew. Snacks, lunch and more snacks were all served poolside with a few Mom & Dad drinks of course. Everyone loved the low-key day and appreciated our downtime with the sun and fun.

Day 1 Dinner was at Duke’s on the Beach. It was lovely to walk down the path and have dinner in such a gorgeous place with amazing sunset views. Finley received her first floral lei and was ecstatic – responding with “I waited my whole life for this!” and then doing her new custom photo pose (see above). It was sweet and special and she was so proud of her beautiful necklace. I can see already she will be lobbying to stay in Hawaii.

Feeling really lucky to be here and enjoying this time with my favorite people. Making memories together is something I cherish!

Best Fake News Ever

Have you seen the SNL fake Nike ad for leggings? If not, you must. Right now. Stop everything else and click here. It is sooo good. It’s gold. It might be my favorite SNL event ever, and I have a long list of favorites.


Our house in print

So excited to see the house in a magazine – it’s really special. And the photos look amazing.

Enjoy reading the article here if you’d like – it is a combination of interviews with me, our designer and our architect – she did a great job in my opinion. The entire magazine is filled with gorgeous homes – take a look! We are honored to be included.

Easter Egg Hunt

Super late posting this but our littles has the best time at our neighborhood egg hunt. It was a beautiful sunny albeit chilly day. Our concierge does such a great job every year – we’re so lucky to have her!

Judy Moody & Stink

Bay Area friends, run, don’t walk, to Judy Moody & Stink’s The Mad Mad Mad Mad Treasure Hunt presented by Bay Area Children’s Theatre. We caught this one before heading out of town for Spring Break and my kiddos are still quoting lines weeks later.

As always, everything was awesome – but, for me, the most amazing part was watching the tall guy in the back play a million roles and change clothes an equal number of times, and keeping it all together and in character. Impressive.

More Master Builder

Any surface is perfect for Lego robotic negation manufacturing. I was taking a nap in my room this past weekend only to wake up and see Holden eagerly building his creation while. Talking through all the feature attributes just as if he were making a video. I think he really wanted to create but also be close to Mom – he’s such a special love. Totally don’t mind waking up to this sweet bug.

Catan Fan(s)

We stopped The Coffee Shop today and the kids grabbed Settlers of Catan to play. Bill is thrilled his kids are super interested in this game as it’s one of his favs. I’m not well versed in the rules so I was pretty useless but they had a great time with my simplified process. I’ll leave it to Bill to teach them how to really play it.

Spring Sing ‘18

If you look really closely, you’ll see our natural performer in the second-row center. His Dad proudly pointed out that the best singers are always in the center!

This morning was our annual Spring Sing at his elementary school and it was so cute. We are so blessed and thankful to be part of this amazing community. I especially loved watching these sweet gems get so into the music. Great showmanship!